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12 Popular Whiskey Brands in the World

Whiskey just gets better over the years. Understanding this drink also comes with time. They say that there is no bad whiskey. There is just whiskey that is not as good as others. This brief article lists out the most popular whiskey brands in the world.


An extremely popular brand in the United Kingdom, where Scotch whiskey dominates the market. Bell’s whiskey is a blend of 35 malt and grain spirits.

The history of the distillery where the Bell’s brand appeared began in 1825. But the blend itself appeared in 1863 and was originally called “Extra Special Old Scotch Whiskey”.

Only in 1896 was the Bell’s trademark registered. And only in 1904 did the image of its creator, Arthur Bell appear after he had died.

Presently, this whiskey is drunk in more than 100 countries, and in the UK, Bell’s takes first place.

Bell’s main single malt component is the Blair Athol. It is a drink of rich golden color. Its aroma has pronounced nutty notes, smoky woody notes, and hints of grass and fruit cake.

It is produced owned by Diageo that also owns the Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray and Captain Morgan brands.


Dewar’s White Label is a masterpiece with a century of history. 40 Scotch whiskeys are collected in this blend. The pale yellow Dewar’s is characterized by its amazing taste and warmth.

The aroma of vanilla, reminiscent of sweet iris, is mixed with stiff honey, hints of peach, apple and wood motifs. A characteristic sweetish aftertaste remains on the lips.

The Dewar’s brand has won over 400 different awards and medals during its existence.

Black Velvet

As the name suggests for this Canadian whiskey, the Black Velvet is strikingly soft and easy to drink. Although the brand appeared only in 1991, its worldwide popularity is growing at a truly cosmic pace. And not in vain, because in the aroma and taste of Black Velvet you can find a combination of caramel, vanilla and coconut in the company of flowers, a pinch of pepper and notes of sherry.


Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey, known around the world primarily due to its unique taste, which appears as a result of triple distillation.

Its brand creator, John Jameson, purposefully sought to create a truly marvelous whiskey. It tastes something like ginger ale, with notes of marmalade and creamy iris.

Crown Royal

Crown Royal is the best-selling Canadian whiskey in the United States. Nothing beats its irresistible rich golden amber color.

Crown Royal was created in 1939. Its creation was timed to coincide with the visit of King George VI of Canada.

This classic whiskey strikes with an amazingly balanced and soft flavor, yet a powerful and a rich aftertaste.

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Jim Beam

Jim Beam is the world leader among bourbons. This beautiful, barrel aged whiskey is created on the from corn. The Bourbon itself is from Kentucky in USA. It has been known worldwide for over 200 years.

The best-selling Jim Beam White Label, aged in barrels for four years, in addition to corn distillates, contains a significant proportion of rye alcohols. The local bluegrass, which grows with rye and corn is used in the production of bourbon. That gives a special flavor to this whiskey.

In addition to the dominant caramel flavor, notes of vanilla and cream are clearly distinguishable in the taste of Jim Beam. And the oak barrel brings a little resin, woody motifs and even acetone to this ensemble.

Canadian Club

Canadian Club is a  brand that appeared in Canada, but later came under the control of the American manufacturer Beam Suntory.

Canadian Club is loved for having rum notes in a whiskey bouquet. Besides that, the smells of meadow grasses and straws seasoned with anise and resinous oak barrel are distinctly discernible in this whiskey. The aroma is harmoniously complemented by a pleasant sweet aftertaste with notes of cinnamon.


Ballantine’s produces a huge number of blended whiskeys. The most famous and best-selling in the line is Ballantine’s Finest. It is a blend of 50 malt and 4 grain distillates, as well as whiskeys from branded malt distilleries Miltonduff and Glenburgie, the key production facilities of this brand.

Despite its complex mix, Ballantine’s Finest has a very harmonious and mild taste of creamy vanilla.

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The art of Japanese whiskey since 1923 is one of the slogans of this brand.

A masterpiece called Yamazaki is world famous. This drink is made at the oldest distillery in Japan – Yamazaki.

In Japan, Yamazaki whiskey has the largest market share of single malt whiskeys. This whiskey has a mild flavor with floral notes and an amazing vanilla finish.

Chivas Regal

“Adult’s Drink” is how most Chivas Regal whiskeys can be described. Chivas Regal whiskey production goes back to the beginning of the XIX century, in 1801. It was then that the Chivas brothers composed their elixir.

Today, Chivas Regal is one of the world leaders among producers of Scotch whiskey, and all thanks to the delicious composition of its whiskeys. When a mixture of herbs, honey and fruit gently envelop you in the first sip, and your taste buds think that they have come to heaven! This is what Chivas is – rich and soft.

Therefore, if you have never tried whiskey and are thinking where to start, Chivas Regal is a great choice.

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Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is a brand of whiskey that has been wandering around the world for almost 200 years. During this time, I’m almost sure, it has visited all countries.

Portfolio of Johnnie Walker offers 6 amazing whiskeys that differ not just in the colors of the labels, but also in content. Johnnie Walker has repeatedly won the most diverse whiskey categories award!

This brand is known all over the world even among those who, in general, do not drink whiskey. It is said that every second in the world 6 bottles of this blended whiskey are sold, on which a man walking with a cane is painted.

Johnnie Walker Black Label – which whiskey lovers consider as a benchmark – is a the most respected among its labels. It expresses the maximum of what the producers wanted to say. It is a powerful, but a balanced and soft whiskey with a hint of raisins, creamy chocolate and milky toffee.

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Jack Daniel’s

Some calls it “ambrosia”, others “drink of the Gods”.

The key to the success of the Jack Daniel’s brand is a creative approach to the production process and ingredients of impeccable quality: the softest spring water, the best grains and a maple coal filter almost three meters thick.

The aroma of Jack Daniel’s whiskey is a mix of spices, nuts and a banana milkshake accompanied by a smoky smell of bonfire made of oak wood.

Jack Daniel’s has existed for more than 140 years and all this time it has offered a wonderful and high-quality drink.

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