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Bacardi 151 rum bottle and glass with special effects

Bacardi 151

Bacardi rum 151 is not without reason called one of the most masculine alcoholic beverages in the market. Its high strength and unique flavor will plunge any connoisseur of strong alcohol into real delight.

Given such a high strength, few dare to drink Bacardi 151 in its purest form. More often this alcohol is used in bars and at home for the creation of a variety of alcoholic cocktails.

Bacardi 151 is based on special yeast and molasses. After fermentation, the premature rum undergoes a long exposure in oak barrels, where experienced blending masters achieve perfect aromatic and taste indices.

Bacardi 151 rum is aged for 8 years. It is thanks to this fact that it has a surprisingly pleasant taste for such strong alcohol content.

Then the alcohol base is sent for thorough cleaning, and after several distillates the blenders create a unique strong rum with a specific recognizable character.

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Alcohol Content of Bacardi 151

Bacardi 151 has an alcohol content of 75.5 degrees.

The number “151” is the actual level of proof, an indicator that indicates the strength of a drink in USA and other English speaking countries. It has gained its name precisely thanks to its proof measure.

Currently in the USA, 1 proof is 2 degrees, therefore, 75.5% is 151 proof. Note that earlier in the UK the level of proof was measured at a ratio of 7 to 4.

Taste and Characteristics

Bacardi 151 has an attractive amber color with a golden glow. Its nose is formed from aromas of oak, vanilla and fruit, which is revealed gradually, as the taste develops in the mouth. Its flavor is rich and fruity and the rum leaves behind a gentle long aftertaste.

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