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Bacardi Rum – A Complete Guide Including Drink Recipes

For at least the past 60 years, Bacardi has been the most popular rum brand in the world. The founder of the company, Senor Facundo Bacardi, developed a technology for making this light Caribbean rum, which connoisseurs on all continents know and love.

Among the giants of the alcohol industry, Bacardi Ltd is in fourth place, behind only Diageo (who owns Tanquery Gin and Captain Morgan), Pernod Ricard (who owns Monkey 47 and Beefeater gins) and United Spirits in terms of alcohol sales.

Bacardi Characteristics


The Bacardi range of colors can be divided into three parts:

  • Bacardi’s white superior rum, formerly called Bacardi Carta Blanca has a transparent color
  • Black rum from Bacardi, which used to be called Bacardi Carta Negra, has a rich honey-brown color
  • Bacardi Gold has a bright golden hue
  • The light Bacardi line has a range of colors from light honey to rich amber


The aroma of fruit prevails in all types of Bacardi rum, but only a few have notes of spice or caramel, for example, Bacardi Oakheart and Bacardi 1873 Solera.


Each of the Bacardi rum lines has a mild flavor. The most pronounced fruit bouquet is present in the dark Bacardi Black

In the light types of this rum and in Bacardi Gold the taste of the fruit is slightly less pronounced. And in white, it is so weakly expressed that this became the strongest reason for its exclusive use in the preparation of cocktails.


As for the aftertaste, Bacardi White practically does not have it. Light and golden Bacardi rums leave a fruity gamut of aftertaste, and in black it is clearly expressed by the astringency of spices and dried fruits.

Types of Bacardi Rum

Different lines of Bacardi rums

Rum typeRum description
Bacardi Carta Blanca (Superior)Colorless transparent rum (40%). The drink has been produced since 1862 according to a recipe created by Facundo Bacardi. Rum has a light aroma of vanilla and oak, suitable for any cocktails.
Bacardi Carta Oro (Gold)Golden rum (40%) with vanilla-caramel flavor. The taste of banana, orange peel, and milk iris smoothly turns into a warm aftertaste with an astringent note of burnt oak.
Bacardi Carta Negra (Black)A dark amber-colored rum (40%) with a caramel-vanilla flavor and mixed with tropical fruit notes. In the aftertaste, a shade of molasses is felt.
Bacardi AñejoA red-brown rum (40%) 6 years old. Its soft fruity-nutty flavor is complemented by oak bitterness
Bacardi 1873 SoleraA 3-year-old dark amber rum (40%), prepared according to an old recipe. Due to the very mild taste, it is recommended to serve the drink as a digestif. They drink it in small sips, savoring it like brandy.
Bacardi Gran Reserva 8 AñosAn 8-year-old rum of red amber color (40%). The taste is interwoven with shades of plum, apricot, vanilla, and nutmeg
Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro de RonA colorless transparent rum of double exposure (40%) with a touch of pear, red currant, honey, and walnut
Bacardi 151° overproof A rum of saturated golden color with a strength of 75.5%. The drink is fragrant with vanilla and oak, leaving a pleasant fruity aftertaste. It is recommended to breed rum with water.
Bacardi OakHeartA spicy amber-colored rum (35%) with the aroma of burnt oak and dried fruits. The velvety taste is gradually revealed by halftones of honey, vanilla and maple syrup.
Bacardi OakHeart Smoked CinnamonOakHeart rum with cinnamon and smoke flavor.
Bacardi OakHeart Bacardi Cold Brew ColaOakHeart rum with a touch of cola
Bacardi OakHeart Bacardi Cherry StoutOakHeart rum with a smack of smoke, cherry, and malt
Bacardi LimonColorless transparent rum (35%) with lemon flavor
Bacardi RaspberryRum (35%) with raspberry flavor
Bacardi CoconutRum (35%) with coconut flavor
Bacardi TangerineRum (35%) with the taste of tangerine (fruit of the citrus family)
Bacardi OrangeRum (35%) with orange flavor.
Bacardi MangoRum (35%) with a taste of mango.
Bacardi GrapefruitRum (35%) with grapefruit flavor.
Bacardi DragonberryRum (35%) with the taste of pitaya (dragon pear).
Bacardi Pina ColadaA ready-to-serve pina colada cocktail from Bacardi.
Bacardi Pina Colada LightA ready-to-serve pina colada cocktail from Bacardi, with lesser calories.
Bacardi MojitoA ready-to-serve mojito cocktail from Bacardi.
Bacardi Mojito LightA ready-to-serve mojito cocktail from Bacardi, with lesser calories.

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Alternatives to Bacardi Rum

Rums similar to Bacardi Superior White are Matusalem Platino, El Dorado 3 years old, Plantation 3 Stars and Cruzan Aged Rum.

Matusalem Platino – $18.00
el-dorado-white-3-years rums
El Dorado 3 years Old – $18.00
Plantation 3 Stars – $19.00
Cruzan Aged Light Rum – $10.00

Rums similar to Bacardi Gold are Cockspur Fine Rum Five Star, Chairman’s Reserve Rum, Doorly’s 5 Years Gold Rum and J. Wray Gold Rum by Appleton.

Cockspur Fine Rum Five Star – $24.00
Chairman’s Reserve Rum – $28.00
Doorly’s 5 Years Gold Rum – $10.00
J. Wray Gold Rum – $15.00

Rums similar to Bacardi Black are Cruzan Blackstrap, Gosling’s Black Rum, Plantation Original Dark and Coruba Dark Rum.

Cruzan Blackstrap Rum – $18.00

Goslings Black Seal Black Rum – $20
Plantation Original Dark Rum – $18.00
Coruba Dark Rum – $23.00

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How is Bacardi Rum made?

Bacardi Rum is made according to old customs and recipes, which are kept secret by the owners of the company and are transmitted only from generation to generation.

1. Start with Sugarcane

Sugarcane is harvested from the plantations exclusively by hand in order avoid rotted or dry stems. Bacardi uses only the carefully chosen lower part of sugarcane, where the largest amount of sugar accumulates during ripening. An additional test of sugarcane, before sending it to the factory for further processing, is usually carried out by women. It’s known that only women are able to perform a monotonous, boring job more carefully, unlike men, who often lack endurance is such monotonous tasks.

sugarcane plantation used for rum production

It is thanks to such care that Bacardi rum has been of high quality from the very beginning. Manual labor is also used in the factories of the company where Bacardi rum is produced. Despite the rapid development of modern technologies, the workshops here are not automated, and all processes are monitored by people, not computers.

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2. Juice Sugarcane

After harvesting, the sugarcane goes to the factory, where it is thoroughly cleaned of debris and chopped into small pieces with a special heavy ax. Then the resulting slurry is sent under pressure in order to get the juice, which in the future becomes Bacardi rum.

3. Distill and ferment the Juice

The resulting juice is distilled several times through special environmentally friendly filters and poured into huge distillers, which are made exclusively of copper. Only copper can make the distillation process continuous and uniform. In addition, this metal has long been famous for the fact that it has the property of disinfecting the liquid and rid it of various harmful microbes.

It is thanks to such care and sensitive control of specialists that we get delicious Bacardi rum with a unique taste and aroma.

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How did Bacardi get its Bat Label?

Where did the bat on the Bacardi rum label come from? In aboriginal occultism a bat is a symbol of health, luck and family well-being. Or at least that was told by Facundo Bacardi, the founding father of this brand to his wife, who was struck by the huge number of large bats that lived in the Bacardi factory.

This trademark is considered one of the most recognizable and expensive in the world.

Bacardi bat label changes overtime

Where is Bacardi Rum made?

The Bacardi House is still managed by members of this family. For certain reasons, its production facilities were forced to leave Cuba. Nowadays, the production of Bacardi Superior and its other rums is established in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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The climate in these countries is similar to Cuba. High temperatures and humidity allow the drink to mature quickly.

For the production of rum, only American white oak is used. The barrels are burned from the inside, which gives the drink a unique taste.

As originally done in 1862, Bacardi rum still undergoes double filtration through coal before aging and after blending. This guarantees the characteristic softness and special purity of the rum, especially the Bacardi Superior white rum.

Therefore, this brand, like no other, is excellent for mixing cocktails.

Cocktails made with Bacardi Rum

1. The official Bacardi Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail recipe is the property of Bacardi Limited. The rights to the original recipe were even asserted in the court of USA, and an article was written in the Washington Post about its origin. The Bacardi Cocktail is, in other words, a “liquid” advertisement of the Bacardi Superior rum, the main ingredient of this drink. This Bacardi cocktail is served as an aperitif in cocktail glasses.


Bacardi superior45 ml
Lime juice20 ml
Grenadine10 ml
Cherry1 berry
Ice4 cubes

Method of preparation

  1. Pre-cool the glass.
  2. Pour ice into the shaker.
  3. Add Bacardi, lime juice and grenadines.
  4. Shake the shaker lightly.
  5. Pour the mixture into a glass.
  6. Garnish the cocktail with a small cherry.

2. Cuba Libre

The Cuba Libre cocktail has more than a century of history and is one of the most popular alcoholic cocktails. It got its name in honor of the independence of Cuba from Spain. Then the regulars raised the glasses of Bacardi with Coke and shouted: “Por Cuba Libre!” (“For the freedom of Cuba!”). The cocktail includes two main ingredients, namely Bacardi Gold rum and cola. Ice is used to chill the drink, and lime juice adds that fresh citrus zing to it. The Cuba Libre cocktail is best served as a refreshing drink on a hot day.


Bacardi gold50 ml
Cola150 ml
Lime juice40 ml
Lime2 slices
Ice cubes1 stack

Method of preparation

  1. Take a tall glass and fill it with ice.
  2. Add “Bacardi Gold” as the first ingredient.
  3. Top up with cola.
  4. Add lime juice on top.
  5. Gently stir the contents of the glass with a long spoon.
  6. Garnish a tall glass with two slices of lime.

3. Caribbean Crisis

The Caribbean Crisis, like other “strong cocktails,” is a stress reliever! This Bacardi cocktail recipe is a variation of the Cuba Libre cocktail. The portion of alcohol in it is doubled.


Bacardi gold150 ml
Cola50 ml
Lime juice40 ml
Lime1 slice
Ice cubesa glass full

Method of preparation

  1. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes.
  2. Add Bacardi Gold.
  3. Next, pour in cola and lime juice.
  4. Stir the contents well with a cocktail spoon.
  5. Garnish the glass with a slice of lime.

4. Hemingway Daiquiri (Papa Doble)

Also known as Papa Doble, this cocktail is the creation of renowned American writer Ernest Hemingway. For a long time he looked for an ingredient that could replace sugar. Maraskin became such a substitute. The result is a cocktail with the tart and slightly sour taste of Daiquiri. The original Papa Doble has a thick consistency. This cocktail can be consumed any time. It contains only 12% alcohol.


Bacardi superior50 ml
Luxardo maraschino liquor10 ml
Freshly squeezed lime juice20 ml
Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice30 ml
Ice1/3 glass full

Method of preparation

  1. Cool a regular cocktail glass.
  2. Detail the ice and fill the glass.
  3. Place Bacardi, lime juice and grapefruit juice in a shaker.
  4. Shake slowly for 15 seconds.
  5. Pour the resulting mixture into a glass.
  6. Add the Luxardo maraschino liquor.
  7. For decoration, you can use a slice of grapefruit or straw.

If you do not have a machine for crushing ice, then wrap the ice cubes in a towel and hammer it down with a wooden roller. You will get the same crushed ice.

5. Pina Colada

The origin of the Pina Colada cocktail is shrouded in obscurity. There is hearsay that in 1954 the Puerto Rican bartender Don Moroni found a lost cocktail recipe that was used by the pirate Ramon Cofresi. He made changes to the recipe and came up with the Pina Colada. It is only known for certain that since 1978 the Pina Colada cocktail has been the official drink of Puerto Rico. This white Bacardi cocktail is easy to make at home.

You will need white rum, cream, coconut syrup, and pineapple juice. “Pina Colada” is a sweet drink and served with dessert dishes. Most often, this cocktail is poured into Hurricane glasses similar to a lady’s figure. Because of his outward tenderness, it is ranked among the favorite alcoholic cocktails for females.


Bacardi superior30 ml
Pineapple juice90 ml
Coconut Syrup10 ml
Cream 11%30 ml
A pineapple1 slice

Method of preparation

  1. Make a glass.
  2. Add white Bacardi rum to the shaker.
  3. Then pour the pineapple juice.
  4. Add coconut syrup and cream.
  5. Shake the shaker lightly and pour the mixture into the glass.
  6. Garnish the edge of the glass with a pineapple slice and cocktail tubes.
  7. You can further decorate your cocktail with air cream and mint.

If you remove the rum from the cocktail, you get a light dessert drink called “Virgin Pina Colada”, which can be drunk even by children.

6. Pacha Ibiza Party Cocktail

This is an exclusive cocktail from the famous club Pacha, which has its own view on how an alcoholic drink should look like. The combination of Bacardi Black rum, cherry jam, kiwi and sugar syrup is enough to provide the energy for hours of dancing.


Bacardi black50 ml
Cherry jam3 tbsp. l
Syrup25 ml
Kiwi1 PC.
Cherries2 berries
Ice160 g

Method of preparation

  1. Make a blender and a glass.
  2. First, peel the kiwi and beat it in a blender with jam.
  3. Then alternately add ice, syrup and rum to the blender.
  4. Beat the mixture again.
  5. Pour into a glass.
  6. Garnish the top of the cocktail with two cherries.