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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Price

johnny walker blue label bottle in a dark setting

Johnnie Walker Blue Label price is around $165 for a 750ml bottle. It is an unrivaled masterpiece of the Johnnie Walker brand, possibly an unusual whiskey for exceptional occasions. The Blue Label is an exquisite blend of 16 exclusive Scotch whiskeys, some of which are 60 years old. Only one out of every ten thousand barrels … Read moreJohnnie Walker Blue Label Price

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Price

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Johnnie Walker Gold Label price is about $85 for a 750ml bottle, on average. This whiskey is a pearl in the Johnnie Walker family, created by blender Jim Beveridge, who personally selected the 18-year-old rare malt and grain spirits. Originally this blend was marked as being 18 years old. But off late, Diageo has not … Read moreJohnnie Walker Gold Label Price

Johnnie Walker Green Label Price

johnny walker green label

Johnnie Walker Green Label price falls around $55 for a 750ml bottle. Working on the Green Label recipe, master blender Jim Beveridge sought to create a blend with a taste that cannot be found in any single malt. Jim’s vast experience helped to decide on the balance of Speyside, Highland, and Lowland malts and the … Read moreJohnnie Walker Green Label Price

Johnnie Walker Double Black Price

johnny walker double black

Johnnie Walker Double Black is a new blend in the style of Black Label, but with a more intense aroma of smoke. Master blender Jim Beveridge used about 40 varieties of whiskey aged in double-fired barrels to make the double black whiskey. On average Johnnie Walker double black price is about $43.5 for a 750ml bottle. … Read moreJohnnie Walker Double Black Price

Johnnie Walker Price, History and Information

Johnnie Walker Whiskey Types

Johnnie Walker price ranges from $23-$200 depending on the whiskey and the size of its bottle. It is the most famous brand of blended Scotch Whiskey. Each year, its brand owner, Diageo, sells more than 226.6 million bottles of this whiskey (2015 data). Johnnie Walker was a favorite brand of whiskey Winston Churchill and Dick Cheney. Johnnie Walker … Read moreJohnnie Walker Price, History and Information