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Bobby’s Gin

Bobby’s Gin is an extraordinary gin that marries Indonesian flavors with the Dutch way of making gin. The price of Bobby’s gin is about $41 / 750 ml in the USA, €34 / 750 ml in Europe and £37 / 750ml in the UK. The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of the traditional genever or Steinhäger earthenware bottles. And it is printed with an Indonesian weaving pattern, a so-called Ikat print, which is to establish the connection to Indonesia. The result is definitely chic. Bobby’s is a great modern gin with great taste. Unusual aromas meet the clear juniper, and the lemongrass does not overpower as some may fear. We recommend that you give this gin a shot!

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Smell and taste

The Bobby’s Gin is fresh, it exudes the smell of bergamot and lime, and the smell of the classic juniper is definitely there. But it is quickly supplemented with lemongrass. The citrus notes are clear on the nose, but not intrusive, as can happen quickly with the fragrance of lemongrass. The smell of gin does not change much with ice. This is also rare because often the gin becomes flat when poured over ice.

The first sip tastes a lot like lemongrass. Then the juniper mixes in, followed by the spices, especially the cubeb pepper. To taste the full range, you have to move the gin on your tongue for a moment. Anyone who swallows quickly here will miss the remaining flavors that are yet to unfold. When Bobby’s Gin is ice-cold, the citrus and pepper aromas come to the fore more. The lemongrass can also be clearly be tasted on the side of the tongue.

Botanicals and alcohol content

In Bobby’s Gin, classic genever botanicals such as juniper, orange peel and rosehip meet Asian spices such as cloves, coriander, lemongrass, cinnamon, and cubeb pepper.

The alcohol content is 42% vol.

Matching tonic water for Bobby’s Gin

Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin is an intense gin that still combines well with numerous tonics. Classic tonics fit perfectly, especially if they have a high quinine content. After all, the Bobby’s is full of citrus notes. Most dry tonics, which have an extra tart note, are also bitter. These are a perfect choice.

Lighter tonic water or tonics with slightly spicy notes are almost a bit too weak for Bobby’s. The spicy aromas are somewhat overpowered and are not enough to prevail in the G&T. 

Particularly fruity tonic water should not be combined with this gin either. The extreme citrus notes don’t really work well together.

Fentiman’s Traditional Tonic Water

The combination of Bobby’s gin and this tonic is a pleasure for those who love the aromas of fresh herbs in a gin & tonic. Lemongrass and bergamot go perfectly with the authentic citrus note of Fentiman’s tonic.

The story behind Bobby’s Gin

Bobby was the nickname of Sebastiaan van Bokkel’s grandfather who created the gin. The grandfather, who was called Jacobus Alfons, lived in Naku, a colonized city in Indonesia. There he experimented with numerous spices and recipes among other things. This was how the basic recipe of Bobby’s Gin was created, which was further refined to what it is today.

A recipe from Indonesia naturally has some botanicals that are not very common in gins. Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin brings lemongrass, cinnamon, fennel and rosehip into the bottle. If lemongrass was popularized especially in Bombay Sapphire East and offered to “the masses”, the other botanicals in their composition are definitely something special. Of course, there are also some classics: juniper, coriander and cubeb pepper. There is another secret ingredient that is not revealed.

In distillation, Sebastiaan van Bokkel got help from Herman Jansen, a family who is in the 8th generation of making genever and therefore knows a lot about juniper. The individual spices are individually distilled, blended and then reduced to 42% volume. Distillation takes place in several copper stills.

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