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Frozen Daiquiri Cocktail

Preparation Time : 05 minutes Cooking Time : 00 minutes     Total Time : 05 minutes 

At times, there is nothing better than icy-cold frozen cocktails. And when you have one of the most refreshing cocktails at your hands, why not give it a frosty spin! The classic daiquiri is the life saver of a hot summer afternoon. This twist to the classic recipe is not only refreshing but also very simple to make.

A frozen daiquiri craving must not force you to buy a sour mix from your supermarket and compromise on the freshness and richness of your own made cocktail. All you need to do is simply blend all the daiquiri ingredients in a blender instead of shaking it in a shaker and there you have your very own frozen daiquiri.


  • Rum – 2 oz
  • Lime Juice- 1 oz
  • Sugar Syrup – 1 oz
  • Ice cubes
  • Lime wheel for garnish


  1. Throw the ingredients along with ice cubes in a blender.
  2. Blend until it achieves a frosty consistency.
  3. Strain it in a coupé glass.
  4. Add ice and lime wheel for garnish.


White or dark rum, whichever it is you decide upon, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of recommendations:

White Rum : 

  1. Don Q Rum Cristal ( $13.99) is a Puerto Rican drink which is distilled multiple times to make the rum smooth. The rum, with its fruity notes and dazzling aromas, is one of the best for your cocktail at an affordable price.
  2. Cana Brava RUM 3 years ($26.99) is aged for 3 years with older rums and then filtered back to white. A solid white rum with strong vanilla notes along with cocoa powder and graham cracker makes up for a great cocktail. 

Dark Rum : 

  1. Ron Barcelo Rum Imperial ($29.99) is a Dominican rum aged for 6 years in whiskey and bourbon barrels. One of the well known dark rum with notes of sugar, oak and spices is a solid spirit for your daiquiri.
  2. Mount Gay Rum Black Barrel ($39.98) comes from Barbados and is aged for 7 years. The butter, dried fruits, spicy and woody notes provide a distinct edge to this one.

Want more recommendations? Check out our full list of rum recommendations for the daiquiri cocktail and have fun with this rejuvenating version of the classic cocktail.

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