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Gin and tonic with apples and thyme

Gin and Tonic with Apples and Thyme

Do you want your gin and tonic to be fresh, fruity and varied? No problem. This recipe comes with crunchy apples and thyme that smells fantastic. Pluck a few leaves, cut an apple and off you go. Muddle these into a puree in a glass and top up with gin and tonic water. The essential oils of thyme waft straight into your nose with your first sip. A true tonic for your nerves!

Gin and tonic with apples and thyme

Servings: 1 person


  • 1 long drink glasses
  • pestle
  • Ice cubes
  • 1 toothpick
  • Jigger (measuring cup)


  • 60 ml London Dry Gin
  • 200 ml mild tonic water
  • 1/2 piece granny smith apple you can also use other types of apple. Just make sure they are crisp and juicy
  • 2.5 branches thyme


  • Quarter the apple and remove the core. Roughly cut 1 quarter into cubes and put into the glass.
  • Pick the thyme leaves from one of the branches. Use the pestle to crush the apple and thyme until you get a kind of paste.
  • Fill ice cubes into the glass to the brim. Pour in the gin and tonic water and stir twice with a spoon.
  • Place the sprigs of thyme in the palm of your hand and clap firmly to release the essential oils. Cut apple quarters into thin slices.
  • Pierce the toothpick on the edge through the slices and place it fanned out on the drink. Put the thyme on the side in the glass.

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