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Hibiki Whiskey Price Guide

Hibiki is a Japanese whiskey and one of the world’s most sought-after premium blends. Its light, floral and very complex character make it representative of the Japanese Whiskey category.

Unfortunately, the range of Hibiki is often very limited, making them quite pricey. In fact, most of Japan’s famous whiskeys are in shortage these days.

By the beginning of 2014, Japanese whiskeys were more of a shadowy existence. Although they received their first awards in 2007, relatively little attention was paid to them. 

However, this changed suddenly when Jim Murray, probably the most famous whiskey expert in the world, named the Japanese Yamazaki Sherry Cask from 2013 the world’s best single malt whiskey in his annual “Whiskey Bible”. 

From then on everything changed and the rush for Japanese single malt whiskeys began. That the Japanese blends continued to receive many other awards further fueled the demand.

However, this continues to cause major problems to this day, because the distilleries had in the past not brought enough whiskey and matured it to meet demand.

That is why Hibiki temporarily stopped making its 17 year old blend in 2018. It just did not have the matured malts to produce the whiskey.

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Hibiki Prices

TypeSizePriceProduction Status
Hibiki Japanese Harmony750ml$69.99 – $89.99Ongoing
Hibiki 12 years old750ml$439.99 – $699.99Discontinued in 2015
Hibiki 17 years old750ml$419.99 – $1100.00Ongoing
Hibiki 21 years old750ml$759.99 – $1299.99Ongoing
Hibiki 30 years old750ml$6610.00 – $6899.99Discontinued
Hibiki Blender’s Choice750ml$249.99 – $699.99Not sold publicly

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