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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Price

The price of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is about $60 for a 750ml bottle, on average. Originally this blend was marked as being 18 years old. But off late, Diageo has not been marking the gold reserve label bottles as such, indicating that the blend now includes lesser aged malt spirits in it.

What’s with the name?

The name of the blend was not accidental. Gold is always associated with a special anniversary – in this case it was 100 years of Johnnie Walker. It was launched in 1920 to celebrate 100 years of establishment of John Walker’s grocery in Kilmarnock, Scotland. It is certainly a special mixed whiskey and something that can be kept for special occasions.

The main single malt whiskeys used in this blended whiskey are Clynelish and Cardhu. Every whiskey gives this blend something special. Clynelish (Highland Region) is known for its honey flavors and gives the mixture a creamy note. Located on the northeast coast of Scotland, Clynelish also has a salty taste. Cardhu (Speyside Region) is known for producing high-quality single malt whiskey, which is why it is available here in gold blend. This gives the mixture smoothness and flavors of oak.

Unlike Johnnie Walker Green Label Blended Whiskey, which is a mix of only the best single malt whiskeys, Gold Label has some very well-engineered whiskeys in the mix. These grainy whiskeys give the mixed whiskey an additional dimension of sweetness and also contribute to the smoothness.

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Price List

Shop nameLocationPriceShop link
Mission Wine & SpiritsUSA
Los Angeles, CA
USD 3.49 / Miniature <200mlBuy
Remedy Wine & SpiritsUSA
Glendale, CA
USD 3.99 / Miniature <200mlBuy
Hi-Time Wine CellarsUSA
Costa Mesa, CA
USD 4.99 / Miniature <200mlBuy
Mission Wine & SpiritsUSA
Los Angeles, CA
USD 15.95 / 200mlBuy
Remedy Wine & SpiritsUSA
Glendale, CA
USD 15.99 / 200mlBuy
Pike's Wine & LiquorUSA
Elmont, NY
USD 28.99 / 200mlBuy
Remedy Wine & SpiritsUSA
Glendale, CA
USD 39.99 / BottleBuy
Glendale LiquorUSA
Glendale, CA
USD 42.99 Buy
Mission Wine & SpiritsUSA
Los Angeles, CA
USD 44.95 / BottleBuy
Checkers LiquorsUSA
Miami, FL
USD 49.98 / BottleBuy
International Wine ShopUSA
Westport, CT
USD 54.98 / BottleBuy
The Wine and Cheese PlaceUSA
St Louis, MO
USD 57.99 / BottleBuy
Wine AnthologyUSA
Clark, NJ
USD 59 / BottleBuy
Pike's Wine & LiquorUSA
Elmont, NY
USD 59.97 / BottleBuy
Vine RepublicUSA
Mountainside, NJ
USD 59.98 / BottleBuy
Tarpon Springs, FL
USD 59.99 / BottleBuy
Wine GlobeUSA
Milpitas, CA
USD 59.99 / BottleBuy
Brick, NJ
USD 59.99 / BottleBuy
Lueken's Wine & SpiritsUSA
Dunedin, FL
USD 59.99 / BottleBuy
Hudson Wine MarketUSA
Fort Lee, NJ
USD 59.99 / BottleBuy
Wine & Liquor WarehouseUSA
Canton, CT
USD 59.99 / BottleBuy
Universal Fine Wine & SpiritsUSA
Holiday, FL
USD 59.99 / BottleBuy
Wines N Liquor OutletUSA
Waterbury, CT
USD 59.99 / BottleBuy
WineChateau.com - Buy Wine OnlineUSA
Metuchen, NJ
USD 61.95 / BottleBuy
Buy-Rite Jersey CityUSA
Jersey City, NJ
USD 61.99 / BottleBuy
Wine LegendUSA
Livingston, NJ
USD 64.09 / BottleBuy
Del Mesa LiquorUSA
San Diego, CA
USD 64.99 / BottleBuy
Modern LiquorsUSA
Washington, DC
USD 67.99 / BottleBuy
Total Wine & More, Sacramento ArdenUSA
Sacramento, CA
USD 68.99 / BottleBuy
WineWorks OnlineUSA
Marlton, NJ
USD 69.98 / BottleBuy
Calvert WoodleyUSA
Washington, DC
USD 69.99 / BottleBuy
Lynnway LiquorsUSA
Lynn, MA
USD 69.99 / BottleBuy
MacArthur BeveragesUSA
Washington, DC
USD 69.99 / BottleBuy
All Star Wine & SpiritsUSA
Latham, NY
USD 69.99 / BottleBuy
Total Wine & More, MilleniaUSA
Orlando, FL
USD 69.99 / BottleBuy
Arlington Wine & LiquorUSA
Poughkeepsie, NY
USD 71.99 / BottleBuy
Mid Valley Wine & LiquorUSA
Newburgh, NY
USD 72 / BottleBuy
Best Wine & Spirit 21USA
Manhasset, NY
USD 72.99 / BottleBuy
Varmax Liquor PantryUSA
Port Chester, NY
USD 74.99 / BottleBuy
Wollaston Wines & SpiritsUSA
Quincy, MA
USD 74.99 / BottleBuy
Shop-Rite Wines & Spirits of ChesterUSA
Chester, NJ
USD 74.99 / BottleBuy
Liquorland - NYUSA
Suffern, NY
USD 74.99 / BottleBuy
Shamrock Wine & LiquorUSA
Highland, NY
USD 75.99 / BottleBuy
White StarUSA
Brooklyn, NY
USD 76.99 / BottleBuy
Star Wines & LiquorsUSA
Monroe, NY
USD 79.99 / BottleBuy
Julio's LiquorsUSA
Westborough, MA
USD 79.99 / BottleBuy
Town Wine & SpiritsUSA
Providence, RI
USD 79.99 / BottleBuy
Benash Liquor StoreUSA
Cherry Hill, NJ
USD 79.99 / BottleBuy
Blue Streak WinesUSA
Long Island City, NY
USD 79.99 / BottleBuy
Total Wine & More, S. Las Vegas BlvdUSA
Las Vegas, NV
USD 79.99 / BottleBuy

Gold Label’s Smell and Taste

On the nose the Johnnie Walker Gold Label has a clear fruity peat note. You can smell the barrel and honey aromas in the background. Taste-wise it is creamy smooth. It opens with the aroma of sweet nectar and almonds, then turns into fresh fruits and velvety honey tones before yielding notes of smoke and tannins.  The finish is quite long and towards the end, slight traces of smoke remain on your palette.

It was awarded four prestigious Le Monde Selection Grand Golds awards and the same number of double gold medals at the San Francisco competition.

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How to Drink Gold Label

The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is very good to drink at room temperature and neat. Personally, we would advise against cooling the blend, adding ice cubes or even using it as a mixed base. 

Johnnie Walker sees it differently and advertises that the not so cheap Gold Label Reserve is ideal for exclusive cocktails and long drinks. Another recommendation from Johnnie Walker is to serve the whiskey in a large glass with crushed ice and an orange slice.


With the Gold Label, Johnnie Walker brings a blended whiskey without any specified age. In terms of taste, the blended whiskey is quite rounded and well suited for special occasions or to end a day. However, it does not look out-of-the-ordinary and may be less fun for whiskey connoisseurs. The look is traditional for the brand and but the gold-colored hue makes the whiskey appear classy. In addition to the less attractive plastic cap attachment, bottles with high-quality cork are also available. With a price starting at $60/750ml, the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve can be assigned to the middle price segment.

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