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Johnnie Walker Whiskey Types

Johnnie Walker Price Guide

Johnnie Walker’s price ranges from $23-$200 depending on the whiskey and the size of its bottle. It is the most famous brand of blended Scotch Whiskey in the world. In 2018, its brand owner, Diageo, sold more than 170 million liters of this whiskey. It was a favorite of Winston Churchill and Dick Cheney.

Johnnie Walker’s Red label is one of the most popular whiskeys in the world along with Jack Daniels and costs a mere $23 or €15. It is best suited for mixing in long drinks and cocktails.

The Black Label costs around $31 or €20 and is much more enjoyable on its own. 

The rather rare Double Black is a little stronger and sells for about $43.50. The exact counterpart is the Gold Label reserve which is particularly gentle and honey-like and is priced between $40 to $75 in the USA and around €35 in Europe. 

And the green label, which is not a blended scotch but a blended malt, is a vatting of different single malts without the addition of neutral grain whiskey. The 15 year old green label is priced between $45-$60 in the USA.

And then there’s the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It’s price is in a class where even friends of fine single malts think twice about buying a bottle. A 750 ml bottle will cost you between $150-$190 in the USA.

Types of Johnnie Walker whiskies

Johnnie Walker Price in Stores and Online

You can buy most varieties of JW whiskies online. If you are in the US, buy from Drizly.com and if you are in the UK, then you can buy on Amazon.com. Unfortunately, USA dwellers cannot buy alcohol on Amazon.

The average prices of Johnnie Walker in the USA are mentioned below. The sales taxes that differ from one region to another can influence the retail price.

ProductSizeAvg. Online PriceRetail Store Prices
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky750ml$23Walmart – $19.98
Target – $23.99
Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky750ml$31Target – $32.99
Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky750ml$43.50Sam’s Club – $36.68
Target – $42.99
Johnnie Walker Green Label750ml$65
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Whisky750ml$57.50
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky750ml$165Costco – $163.99

How are Johnnie Walker Whiskys Produced?

A blended Scotch whiskey is always made by mixing, i.e. a blend of different single malt whiskeys and single grain whiskeys. The age on the label refers to the age of the youngest whiskey in the mix.

And what’s the difference between the two distillates? Single malt whiskey consists of barley malt, water and yeast. Grain whiskey, on the other hand, is made from corn and wheat. Not only the type of grain is responsible for the taste, but also the barrel in which the whiskey matures.

The master blender by Johnnie Walker mixes the different blends from these two types of whiskey – from the red label to the platinum label. Such a blend can contain whiskeys from 50 different Scottish distilleries, the flavors of which also depend on the region of origin. For example, strong whiskeys come from the west of Scotland, and rather mild ones from the east.

Image courtesy: insidethecask.com

Types of Johnnie Walker Whiskeys

Johnnie Walker’s range currently includes 16 different whiskeys. These include the six classic blends, which are sorted by color – from simple red labels to exclusive blue labels.

The best known and most widespread bottling is for Johnnie Walker Red Label, which is bottled without age and contains a good amount of grain whiskey in addition to Scotch whiskey. Other bottlings such as the internationally popular Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 years or the Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 years come in the bottle with age information and are aimed at the more demanding connoisseurs.

The luxury division ranges from John Walker & Sons XR 21 to The John Walker, which costs several thousand dollars. That makes it the most expensive Johnnie Walker whisky.

Johnnie Walker Red Label

The red label is a blended whisky made from 35 different alcohols. It was Winston Churchill’s favorite whiskey. A standard blend based on Cardhu whiskey with a catchy honey flavor. In addition, Red Label whiskey includes several peat whiskeys from island distilleries. Red Label whiskey has a short aging time. The blends used are not older than 5 years, because of which the taste of the drink is quite sharp and aggressive.

Color: red gold
Nose: fresh, strong, spicy and young, some smoke
Taste: smoked malt, slightly sweet, spicy, young, sharp whiskey character
 long for 40% alcohol, spicy, sharp
Review: The Red Label is a blend of about 40 different grain and malt whiskeys. Maybe okay for mixed drinks, but completely out of place as a luxury drink.

Johnnie Walker Black Label

The black label is a blend of about 40 spirits aged for at least 12 years, of which 35 varieties are malt whiskeys and only 5 are grain whiskeys. Black label is based on Caol Ila and Talisker whiskey, which are the dominant single malts in this blend. As a result of the work of the blending master and long aging, a deep golden color drink with orange reflections is born.

Color: gold, orange-brown
nose: soft, harmonious, some peat and smoke, spicy, fruity (citrus), delicate sherry
Taste: Creamy sweet, fruity, raisins, pepper and malt, dry smoke
Finish: Pleasant sweetness, malt, vanilla, slightly spicy
Review: Much better than the Red Label. No great complexity, a simple and solid whiskey to drink.

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

The double black is similar to black label whiskey, which is characterized by a large influence of malts from the island of Islay, as well as subsequent aging in charred barrels.

Johnnie Walker Green Label

Green label is a blended Scotch whiskey, which contains only 4 spirits, from all four sides of Scotland: Talisker, Linkwood, Cragganmore and Caol Ila. Moreover, the spirits that are aged at least 15 years old each are taken, after which the blend is additionally matured for another six months in an old barrel.

Color: gold, amber
Nose: full, soft, sea aromas, honey, delicate smoky
taste: Silky soft, fruity (apple, orange), aromas of barley (malt), soft smoke, well balanced
Finish: Balanced and long, spicy sherry sweetness
Review : A little more complex than the black label, also a little more expensive, but not better.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

The gold label was originally created in honor of the centenary of the birth of John Walker. Its base is from single malt Clynelish. It was originally created by Alexander Walker the Second. However, the First World War greatly spoiled the plans. Since 2013, Johnnie Walker Gold Label has been released under the name Gold Label Reserve. Despite the fact that the bottles and labels are almost completely identical, some believe that the tastes of Gold Label and Gold Label Reserve vary greatly.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The Blue label is one of the most expensive types of blended whiskeys. Each bottle has its own serial number etched at the bottom of the bottle. It contains alcohol from the 19th century, which determines the cost of up to $500 per bottle of 0.7 liters. The average age of the blend is 26 years. As a rule, Blue Label whiskey bottles do not mention the age of the spirits on the label at all. Its basis is Royal Lochnagar from Highlands, as well as Caol Ila from Islay.

Color: Dark Gold
Nose: Fine, silky soft, spicy, herbs, sherry notes
Taste: Sherry, sweet peat, honey, delicately smoky, mint, spicy herbal note,
Finish: Not heavy but harmonious and long, delicate spicy and smoky
Review: The best whisky from the Johnnie Walker series. A multi-layered blend that rolls nicely on the tongue. Very highly priced. You can find much better whiskeys for this price level.

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Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

The platinum label is an almost complete analog of Gold Label. It is available for Asian countries, as well as for Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Poland, Israel and Australia.

johnnie walker swing

Johnnie Walker Swing

A feature of this whiskey is that it is bottled in domed bottles, making them very difficult to turn over. It is believed that Johnnie Walker Swing and packaging for it were created specifically for use on ships. It contains quite a lot of whiskey from Speyside, as well as varieties from Highlands and Islay.

History of Johnnie Walker

The story of this famous scotch began in 1820, in Kilmarnock, England. The Walker family was fed by farming, but after the death of his father in 1819, the energetic Johnny decided to try his luck in trade. He sold the farm and organized his own business with the proceeds. Among other things the shop sold teas and alcohol.

Johnnie Walker

God gave Johnny the unique ability to discern the subtlest aromas and tastes, which revealed his talent for creating magnificent compositions.

John’s son, Alexander, was engaged in the study of blending tea in Glasgow. There he worked for a tea company. In 1856, he returned home to help his father in the field of family business. He managed to apply knowledge in the art of blending to create new varieties of whiskey.

He created his first drink, registered in 1867 and called Old Highland Whiskey. Later, Alexander renamed it in honor of his father, who founded a family company. Thus appeared Johnnie Walker. It immediately became a very popular drink.

johnnie walker icon

The family business was continued by two sons – George and Alexander (junior). They turned it around on a large scale. In 1893, the brothers bought a farm, where they engaged in the production of whiskey. Since then, the need to purchase drinks from local manufacturers disappeared, and work gained industrial momentum. Today, Johnny Walker Museum stands on the site of the farm, showcasing the history of this whiskey.

In 1909, new Walkers brought new names to the beverage line. The carefully crafted Red Label and Black Label brands were presented.

The Walker brothers’ business expanded rapidly, and by 1920 the brand was already being sold in 120 countries!

Recently, Diageo bought a majority stake in this company.

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Awards and Accolades

Awards given to Johnny Walker Red Label

2013 – the highest award at the international alcohol competition in San Francisco
2013 and 2014 – medals at the international competition of alcoholic beverages
2014 – Gold Award for Scotch Whiskey Masters
2015 – Gold Award at the International Whiskey Competition

Awards given to Johnny Walker Black Label

2007 – Gold Award at the International Alcohol Competition in San Francisco
2013 – two gold awards at the international alcohol competition in San Francisco
2013 – gold at the international Wine & Spirit Competition
2015 – Gold on Scotch Whiskey Masters

Awards given to Johnny Walker Double Black

2013 – Gold at the San Francisco Alcohol Competition
2014 – Silver at the International Wine & Spirit Competition
2015 – Gold on Scotch Whiskey Masters

Awards given to Johnny Walker Blue Label

2007 – Gold at the San Francisco Alcohol Fair
2013 – two gold awards at the San Francisco Alcohol Fair
2014 – Gold at the International Wine & Spirit Competition

Johnnie Walker Distillery

Some of the blends used to make Johnnie Walker whiskies are produced in the Cardhu distillery is located in Aberlour, Scotland. You can take a guided tour of this only malt distillery started by women in 1811.

Cardhu distillery in Aberlour Scotland

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