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Monkey 47 Gin Price and Information

Monkey 47 gin price is around $40 for a 500 ml bottle. Despite its youth, Monkey 47 has been extremely successful. It entered the German market in 2010. Just a year after its appearance it had won the title of the best gin in the world at the Wine and Spirits Competition in London. 

However, it can be considered even more successful as it was with Monkey 47 that the gin boom began in Germany. Today in this country there are about 400 local brands. Almost every city and even a football team has its own gin.

The price tag of Monkey 47 is high as compared to other premium gins. You can view the price list from stores around the world below.

History of Monkey 47 Gin

The story of Monkey 47 begins in the 1940s. After the end of World War II, British Air Force veteran Montgomery Collins arrived in Berlin to rebuild the city. They write that at that time Collins’ favorite place was the Berlin Zoo, where a monkey named Max became his favorite.

 After some time, Collins moved to the Black Forest region and settled in a picturesque valley. There he opened a hotel and named it Wild Monkey. And in his free time he began experimenting with the production of fruit distillates.

The Black Forest has always been famous for fruit brandy. Well, and for the cuckoo clock too. In this region, located in the south of the country, there was access to a huge number of various ingredients. Additionally, the local water here was considered one of the softest waters in Europe. At all times in the Black Forest there were quite a lot of botanical plants and, therefore, many experienced distillers.

Collins took over the experience of local distillers and experimented with making drinks. But at some point, the British in him came to the fore, and instead of the next brandy, he had made a gin. Considering that Collins spent his childhood in India, he was well acquainted with exotic spices that he easily added to his gin recipe.

However, in 1970s the gin’s recipe was lost.

Today’s Monkey 47 gin would never have been born if Alexander Stein had not heard the story of Montgomery Collins in 2006. At that time, he worked at the Nokia office in Detroit, although he hailed from a German winemaker family.

Inspired by this story, Stein quit and returned to his homeland, where he decided to revive the once famous gin from the Black Forest. Here he met the Christopher Keller, one of the best distillers, and together they began to look for the formula for the perfect gin.

However Stein chanced upon the recipe from Collins, Stein and Keller experimented for several years before finalizing their product. They relied on their sense of ideal and acted more like perfumers rather than producers of alcohol. 

In 2010, the product appeared on the market and literally scaled mountains within a short period of time, winning a gold medal at the World Spirits Award in 2011 and receiving the title of the best gin in the world at the Wine and Spirits Competition in London.

Ingredients of Monkey 47 Gin

Only Stein and Keller know the exact formula and it is unlikely that it will be told to anyone in the near future. We only know that in Monkey 47 there are at least six types of pepper, special juniper berries from the Mediterranean and lingon berries, which are collected in the locally from the Black Forest. It is known for certain that this berry was one of the key ingredients of the original recipe.

peppers kept in plates

Seeds of angelica, spruce shoots, bramble leaves, acacia leaves and others are taken in the Black Forest. Citrus fruits, chamomile, rose hip peel, verbena, hawthorn berries, lavender, and Orris root are bought all over the world, from Mexico to South Africa.

Read more about what is gin made from here.

The Production Process

Monkey 47 production begins with the purchase of neutral alcohol. The Monkey 47 distillery uses French 95% molasses alcohol. Many manufacturers of gin dwell on grain alcohol, but Alexander Stein did not want his product to have a grainy aftertaste.

After purchasing alcohol, its strength is reduced to 73% and, together with lingonberries, immersed in special barrels, where the mixture is kept for about 30 days. After that, citrus zest is added there.

copper stills inside Monkey 47 distillery

Before the direct distillation process, a mixture of the remaining ingredients is immersed in barrels of alcohol, lingonberries and citrus zest. They spend a day and two nights in there. This process is called maceration, that is, the saturation of alcohol with essential oils. After 36 hours, distillation begins. 

At the Monkey 47 distillery there are only 4 copper distillation stills, each of which is named after a famous monkey. For example, Miss Breaker – the first monkey sent into space and returned from there alive. Each still holds only 100 liters, because small volumes allow better control quality and taste.

A distinctive feature of the Monkey 47 distillation process is that a special basket is immersed in the upper part of the alambik (distillation cube), which contains lavender and citrus zest. Passing through this basket the alcohol vapors absorb additional essential oils, and it is lavender and citrus fruits that become the key notes of Monkey 47 gin’s aroma. This technique is called steam distillation.

The distillation process takes two hours, and the result is an alcohol with a strength of 86%, which is poured into clay vessels. In them it rests for another 100 days, being saturated with oxygen and becoming much softer. After which the strength reduced to 47 degrees with the help of local spring water.

The gin is now ready.

Why is it called Monkey 47?

For 3 reasons. Monkey in memory of Collins’ favorite animal, Max the Monkey from Berlin zoo. And 47 is both a strength of the gin and the number of botanicals used to make it.

The Taste

The taste of Monkey 47 gin is very versatile. All components replace each other, but at the same time perfectly harmonize with each other. 

In each sip, you can get hints of cardamom, sage and pine, as well as lemon, ginger and lingonberries, which emphasize the spicy nuances in a warm and dry finish.

The aroma is lavender. When you taste the drink, at first you can feel the sweet and sour notes including the powerful notes of lingonberries. Then comes the bitter citrus fruits. And it ends with a warm peppery sharpness. As in any gin, there is a taste of juniper and the sweetness of thorns.

The strength of the drink is not felt much, even if it is not cooled.

Who owns Monkey 47

Pernod Ricard, the French drinks group, acquired a majority stake in Monkey 47 Gin for an undisclosed sum. This group also owns the Beefeater brand.

Cocktails that suit Monkey 47

According to its brand ambassador, Monkey 47 gin is not the best choice for classic cocktails such as Negroni or Martini. It is better to use Beefeater or another gin for them. You can trust this opinion, since Axel began his career as a bartender back in 1999, and for five years he was the brand ambassador for Absolut vodka in Germany.

So, what does Axel recommend? Of course, Gin & Tonic, which is well received by most people. However, he personally likes Gin & Soda more, because the taste of Monkey 47 is better revealed in it. Tom Collins is also good: sour, sweet, gin and soda.

monkey 47 gin bottle and glass with cocktailBut Monkey 47 is ideal in cocktails with a berry or fruit component. For example, in combination with Lillet, Cointreau, absinthe and lemon. But Axel’s favorite cocktail is the Suffering Bastard. It is gin and bourbon in equal parts, ginger ale and a dash of Angostura bitters.

Suffering Bastard

Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time0 mins
0 mins


  • 2 cl Monkey 47 gin
  • 2 cl Bourbon
  • 2 cl Freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 10 cl Ginger ale


  • Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients, then top up with Ginger ale. Put an orange slice as garnish.

Tom Collins

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time0 mins
0 mins


  • 45 ml Monkey 47 Gin
  • 30 ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 15 ml Sugar syrup
  • 60 ml Sparkling water
  • 2-3 drops Angostura bitters


  • Put large ice cubes in a glass. Add gin, syrup, and lemon juice. Fill the remaining volume of the glass with sparkling water. Stir. Add 2-3 drops of Angostura. Stir again. Attach a slice of lime or lemon and a cherry to the glass.

Monkey 47 Gin Price

As with other premium gins like the Hendrick’s, the price of Monkey 47 is relatively high. If you are looking for good quality gins with more reasonable pricing, we recommend that you try one of the following.

You can find a list of prices of Monkey 47 from various shops below.

Shop nameLocationPriceShop link
Nickolls and PerksUK flag
, West Midlands
USD 7.01 / Miniature <200mlBuy
Hudson Wine MarketUSA flag
Fort Lee, NJ
USD 31.99 / Half BottleBuy
Shop-Rite Wines & Spirits of ChesterUSA flag
Chester, NJ
USD 33.99 / Half BottleBuy
The Wine ClubUSA flag
San Francisco, CA
USD 34.94 / Half BottleBuy
SmartBitesSpain flag
, Galicia
USD 35.77 / BottleBuy
Mission Wine & SpiritsUSA flag
Los Angeles, CA
USD 35.95 / Half BottleBuy
Potomac Wines & SpiritsUSA flag
Washington, DC
USD 35.98 / Half BottleBuy
Third Base Market and SpiritsUSA flag
Grover Beach, CA
USD 35.99 / Half BottleBuy
Mövenpick Wein Deutschland GmbH & Co. KGGermany flag
, Dortmund
USD 36.19 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
Bacchus-VinothekGermany flag
, Baden-Wurttemberg
USD 36.88 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
Buy-Rite Jersey CityUSA flag
Jersey City, NJ
USD 36.99 / Half BottleBuy
Decantalo.comSpain flag
, Barcelona
USD 37.05 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
Uptown SpiritsUSA flag
San Diego, CA
USD 37.95 / Half BottleBuy
Remedy Wine & SpiritsUSA flag
Glendale, CA
USD 37.99 / Half BottleBuy
PJ WineUSA flag
New York, NY
USD 37.99 / Half BottleBuy
The Wine and Cheese PlaceUSA flag
St Louis, MO
USD 37.99 / Half BottleBuy
All Star Wine & SpiritsUSA flag
Latham, NY
USD 38.99 / Half BottleBuy
TheDrinkShop.comUK flag
, Kent
USD 39.05 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
Garnet Wines & LiquorsUSA flag
New York, NY
USD 39.94 / Half BottleBuy
Saratoga Wine ExchangeUSA flag
Ballston Lake, NY
USD 39.94 / Half BottleBuy
Woods Wholesale WineUSA flag
Grosse Pointe, MI
USD 39.98 / Half BottleBuy
Suburban WinesUSA flag
Yorktown Heights, NY
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Heights ChateauUSA flag
Brooklyn, NY
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Universal Fine Wine & SpiritsUSA flag
Holiday, FL
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Total Wine & More, MilleniaUSA flag
Orlando, FL
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Zachys DC IncUSA flag
Washington, DC
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Spectrum Wine RetailUSA flag
Tustin, CA
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Central Wine MerchantsUSA flag
Flemington, NJ
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Total Wine & More, Sacramento ArdenUSA flag
Sacramento, CA
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Raeders Wines & LiquorsUSA flag
Albertson, NY
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Del Mesa LiquorUSA flag
San Diego, CA
USD 39.99 / BottleBuy
Chan's Wine WorldUSA flag
Destin, FL
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Hi-Time Wine CellarsUSA flag
Costa Mesa, CA
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
K&L Wine MerchantsUSA flag
Redwood City, CA
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Lueken's Wine & SpiritsUSA flag
Dunedin, FL
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Bottle ShopUSA flag
Spring Lake, NJ
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Calvert WoodleyUSA flag
Washington, DC
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Benash Liquor StoreUSA flag
Cherry Hill, NJ
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Town Wine & SpiritsUSA flag
Providence, RI
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
B-21USA flag
Tarpon Springs, FL
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
Oak and BarrelUSA flag
New York, NY
USD 39.99 / Half BottleBuy
The Whisky ExchangeUK flag
, London
USD 40.09 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
BI Wines & SpiritsUK flag
, London
USD 40.33 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
Loch Fyne WhiskiesUK flag
, Scotland
USD 40.72 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
Vintage Wine MerchantsUSA flag
San Jose, CA
USD 40.98 / Half BottleBuy
Lisa's Liquor BarnUSA flag
Rochester, NY
USD 40.99 / Half BottleBuy
Vintage & CieFrance flag
, Paris [and Ile-de-France]
USD 41.25 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
West Side Wines and SpiritsUSA flag
Hartford, CT
USD 41.99 / Half BottleBuy
Farr VintnersUK flag
, London
USD 42.35 / H/Litre (500ml)Buy
Gillette Ridge Wine & SpiritsUSA flag
Bloomfield, CT
USD 42.99 / Half BottleBuy

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