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New York Sour

Just to entice you a little for what’s to come, we’ve got both, whiskey and wine today! Simply put, New York Sour is the classic whiskey sour topped with fruity red wine. But to be more specific, it is one of the most popular variations of the whiskey sour cocktail. An already appetizing cocktail, the whiskey sour is rendered stunning with the floating red wine in this variation. Get ready for some stunning cocktail aesthetics people!

Before satisfying your palate, a New York Sour seduces you with it’s breathtaking look. The red wine mixing with the amber colored whiskey and the condensed water droplets on the outside of your cocktail glass! Yeah, oh my God! The drink is not just stunning to look at, it is complex and nuanced to taste too. The whiskey sour ingredients first induce you with the perfect balance of sweet and tart followed by the fruity acidity and fresh aromas of the red wine. 

A little tale of the cocktail!

Did you know the New York sour didn’t really come out of New York. It’s interesting, but not a first, that a cocktail associated with a certain place wasn’t actually invented there. The cocktail is believed to have come up in Chicago somewhere around the late 1800s and was called names like “Continental Sour” or “Southern Whiskey Sour”. Well, there isn’t always a straight answer to everything but it is reasoned that since New York was the cocktail capital of America, the drink rose to its popularity there and thus acquired the name, never to leave it!

Also, for the sour connoisseurs out there, keep in mind that the New York Sour isn’t about mixing the fruity red wine with the whiskey, it’s gentle pour to give it the characteristic stunning float.


  • Whiskey – 3 ounces 
  • Fresh Lemon juice – 2 ounces 
  • Simple Syrup – 1 ounce 
  • Red wine – 
  • 1 Egg white(optional)


  1. Throw the ingredients, except the red wine,in a cocktail shaker with some ice.
  2. Shake firmly until the shaker is cold from outside and strain it in a tumbler glass with some ice cubes.
  3. If you are using egg whites, dry shake first and then firmly again with ice cubes.
  4. Now, take a spoon and turn it over such that the bottom of the spoon is facing up. Gently pour the red wine on the surface of the cocktail, through the spoon, creating a float effect. 


You may use your favorite red wine for your New York Sour. Wines ranging from Rioja wines to Pinot noirs can be used in your cocktail. We recommend a few red wines which you may use in your cocktail :

  • Shiraz, also known as Syrah, is popularly used in New York sours for its fruit forward flavors. The wine is referred to as Syrah in the cooler climate regions while in warmer regions, it is called Shira. The ruby red wine also has brisk acidity to it and a range of flavors with floral notes. 
  • Cabernet wine is made from cabernet sauvignon blue colored grapes and has high tannin levels. It is a full bodied wine with medium levels of acidity to it. This wine is produced across a number of regions often used for drinking along with food. The wine from warm regions contains fruit notes of black cherry and blackberry while those from cooler regions are rich in raspberry and red cherry.
  • Malbec wine, made from thick skinned malbec grapes, is full bodied red wine grown mostly in Argentina. It is higher in alcohol content with medium tannin levels and rich in notes of blackberry and plum. It is commonly used in New York sours because of its balanced consistency – it’s neither too dry to taste not too heavy to float. 


Any good quality rye or bourbon whiskey will do for the New York Sour. The bourbon brings along its distinct sweetness while the rye whiskey will please the spice lovers. Try out the following ones listed below or check out our full list of recommendations:

  • Buffalo Trace Bourbon whiskey ($32.99) offers rye and oak forward aromas without overpowering your palate. This whiskey has a smooth finish and will work like a charm for your cocktail. 
  • Wild Turkey 101, offers both, a high proof bourbon ($25.99) as well amazing rye whiskey ($22.99). Bourbons and rye whiskeys both complement the wine of this cocktail. You can experiment with this promising brand of whiskey for your next batch.
  • Rittenhouse Rye ($27.99) is a popular rye whiskey which offers rich taste profiles at an affordable price. The whiskey will add a great finish and bring in an amazing mouthfeel to your cocktail.

Additional Tips

  • Using an egg white is totally your choice. The only difference is that the egg white provides the creamy foam on top of the drink. Without it, the red of wine looks more intense and deep along with the ice cubes. 
  • If you’ve used an egg white, you can pour the red wine as mentioned in the recipe above or you can use another way. Slowly layer the red wine down the side of the glass and it will settle itself under the foam.

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