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Sipsmith London Dry Gin – Actually Made in London


Sipsmith is one of the few London Dry Gins that are actually made in London. It has been produced in the Hammersmith district of London since 2009. Its recipe consists of ten botanicals. They include juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds, cinnamon cassia, violet root, almond, cinnamon bark, licorice, lemon and bitter orange peel. You can read more about botanicals used to make gin in our dedicated article.

Story behind Sipsmith

It all started when Sam Galsworthy, Fairfax Hall and Jared wanted to leave behind their managerial jobs in larger spirit companies to make their own gin. They ended up working out of an old garage in London that barely has enough space for the still.

One of the biggest challenges was to apply for a distiller’s license in London. Reason? No one in London had applied for a commercial license in over 100 years, and no one in England, knew exactly what to do to grant the license.

The Sipsmith Distillery therefore deserves all the more attention and recognition. After 200 odd years it was the first distillery with a traditional copper pot still to be established in London.

Cost of Sipsmith Gin

Sipsmith is reasonably priced. It is more expensive than Tanqueray London Dry, Bombay Sapphire and Beefeater gin but much below the cost of Hendricks or Monkey 47 premium gin.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin 750ml (Buy on Drizly)USA$34.99
Sipsmith London Dry Gin 700ml (Buy on Amazon)UK£29.00
Sipsmith London Dry Gin 700mlEurope€24.99

Production process

The master distiller Jared found references to botanicals in an old recipe from the 18th century. Today it forms the basis of Sipsmith gin’s taste profile. 

Day after day, the exact amount of botanicals from all over the world are used to produce Sipsmith Gin per batch. The ingredients are added to the boiler each evening so that they can macerate in alcohol overnight and release their aromas. The botanicals remain in the distillate for around 14 hours.

The copper still, which is called “Prudence”, comes from Christian Carl, one of the oldest manufacturer families in Europe. The shape of the still is special and reminiscent of a swan, which also adorns the label of all Sipsmith products.

Since 2009, Sipsmith has been producing small quantities of high-quality gin in this distillery. Each batch is lovingly and carefully handcrafted. In this sense, every bottle of Sipsmith Gin is unique.

You can visit Prudence and the distillery in London. Tours are usually held every two weeks, but are booked out early. You can find the latest dates directly on Sipsmith’s website.

Tasting the Sipsmith Gin

Smell – the beautiful mild juniper aroma rushes into the nose as expected of a London Dry gin. This is followed by notes of coriander, the angelica root and also citrus fruits like orange and lemon. There is also a fine hint of cinnamon in the smell. The gin has a slightly earthy touch. However, there is no sharpness in the smell.

On the palate, the Sipsmith London Dry Gin is significantly sweeter than other London Dry Gins. The juniper is also quite reserved in the taste. Clearly, the classic London Dry profile which is so promising in its aroma, does not influence its taste so much. Instead, there is the sweetness, a somewhat peppery tone, and a few floral nuances. Overall the gin is mild with a rather dry finish.

Other Gins from Sipsmith

In addition to the London Dry Gin and an in-house vodka, there are other interesting gins from Sipsmith.

Sipsmith Summer Cup

This is a flavored gin similar to Pimms No.1. Mix it with fresh mint, ginger ale or sprite and fresh fruit to make one of UK’s favorite summer cocktails.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin VJOP

The big brother of the London Dry Gin and a gin for lovers of intense juniper notes. VJOP stands for “very juniper over-proof“. It is a gin with an extra portion of juniper and with a significantly more intense drinking strength of 57.1%. A classic, intense gin that remarkably does not exude any alcohol notes at this high alcohol content.

Tonic waters for Sipsmith London Dry Gin

The Sipsmith Gin is a classic London Dry Gin that. In addition to the typical juniper notes in the nose and finish, there are also interesting citrus aromas and sweeter notes on the palate. There flavors shouldn’t be overpowered by choosing the wrong tonic water. Floral tonics go with this gin only to a limited extent. Classic tonics, on the other hand, tend to lead in the right direction.

Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water
Rating: 4/5

Fever tree tonic combines with Sipsmith to make a gin & tonic that plays with the various sweet notes in the tonic and the gin. Juniper notes are clearly noticeable towards the finish. A touch more bitter notes would do the combination good.

Goldberg Tonic Water
Rating: 5/5

The combination with the Goldberg Tonic Water results in significantly more tones. It provides a nice bitter finish with the dominant juniper. The citrus aromas of the gin also come through on the palate.

Thomas Henry Tonic Water
Rating: 5/5

Another great tonic for a classic gin & tonic with Sipsmith. The citrus aromas in the gin are further promoted by the Thomas Henry Tonic Water. The finish has a good combo of bitter notes and juniper.

Recommended Cocktails with Sipsmith Gin

Gin Fizz
Rating: 5/5
An outstanding combination. The fizz maintains its lively character. In the end, the aromas combine to form a caramel-like sweetness that gives the gin fizz exactly the note that it needs.
>> Gin Fizz recipe

Rating: 5/5
Fresh blackberries, a dash of fresh lemon juice and the bramble is almost ready. The Sipsmith mixes wonderfully well in this cocktail. In addition, the citrus aromas are brought forward very elegantly. A must try!
>> Bramble recipe

French 75 cocktail in a tulip glass with lemon zest and skewered cherry as garnish

French 75

This classic champagne cocktail looks classy and is easy to prepare. But don’t just go on the looks. It tastes incredibly refreshing and the champagne adds that oomph that is hard to replicate.

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ramos gin fizz

Ramos Gin Fizz
Rating: 5/5
Although its recipe simply adds egg white and cream to gin fizz’s recipe, this drink is a totally different in its taste. It is soft, lemony and creamy at the same time. A difficult cocktail that shines when done well!
>> Ramos Gin Fizz recipe

Gin Fruit Cup
Rating: 5/5
Sipsmith Gin pairs very well with certain fruits. The drink has a solid balance and the gin adds its fine citrus flavors very nicely. An ideal drink for summer.

Rating: 4/5
A classic cocktail with creme de violet and almond liqueur. The cocktail tastes good with Sipsmith. But the result is also comparable to simpler gins like Tanqueray London Dry, Beefeater or Bombay Sapphire.

Millionaire’s Mule
Rating: 5/5
Ginger, Lime, Champagne and Sipsmith gin. A great combination, especially for special occasions.

Gin and Tonic

Mix 50 ml Sipsmith gin with 200 ml Schweppes Original Tonic. Add 2 thin slices of fresh strawberry. Then add ground black pepper directly into the glass before serving.

A recipe for a great G&T!

Cocktails that should NOT be made with Sipsmith

Earl Gray Martini
Rating: 3/5
The Sipsmith, due to its lower alcohol content, takes longer to absorb the flavors from the tea. But the gin’s flavor in the Earl Gray Martini is unfortunately lost in this cocktail. You are better off choosing Hendrick’s or Tanqueray 10 for this one.
>> Earl Gray Martini recipe

Gin Buck
Rating: 3/5
Sipsmith gin does not make a bad gin buck. However, the gin’s flavors are totally subdued by the dominant ginger ale. Unfortunately, the combination lacks something special. We recommend Hendrick’s gin or Whitley Neill to make this cocktail.
>> Gin Buck recipe

Gin Rickey
Rating: 3/5
The lime dominates this cocktail too strongly and you can hardly taste the Sipsmith London Dry Gin in it. This combination does not taste bad, but unfortunately it is nothing spectacular. Try it with Gin Mare or Bombay Sapphire instead.

Gin Gin Mule
Rating: 3/5
A great cocktail, also with the gin from Sipsmiths. However, the aromas of the gin are lost in the cocktail. Therefore you should save this gin for other drinks. Try with Tanqueray No. Ten instead.

>> Gin Gin Mule Recipe

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