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Appletini – the Semi-Dry Green Apple Martini


As one of the most popular fruit martinis, it’s hard to resist the taste of a well-made apple martini or appletini. It is a wonderful sweet and sour drink loaded with flavor of apples. While you may be familiar with the bright green version, there are many variations on this fun cocktail. Recipes range from those using green apple brandy to … Read more Appletini – the Semi-Dry Green Apple Martini

Christmas Bramble – Apple Gin Cocktail

bramble cocktail with apple

Did you know that apple and gin combine so well? This cocktail is a variation of the classic Bramble. It too is a gin sour drink, but with apple juice and Crème de Cassis instead of crushed blackberries. Also try the cranberry and strawberry variations of the Bramble. Recipe

Gin and Tonic with Apples and Thyme

Gin and tonic with apples and thyme

Do you want your gin and tonic to be fresh, fruity and varied? No problem. This recipe comes with crunchy apples and thyme that smells fantastic. Pluck a few leaves, cut an apple and off you go. Muddle these into a puree in a glass and top up with gin and tonic water. The essential oils of thyme waft straight … Read more Gin and Tonic with Apples and Thyme