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Strawberry Martini – a Summer Drink from London


This summer concoction can be traced back to London in 1990s. Though far from a Martini, this drink is packed with the goodness of strawberries. It is boozy, it is summery, and it is perfect for a warm evening spent in your garden among friends and loved ones. Tip 1: To ensure a delicious cocktail … Read more Strawberry Martini – a Summer Drink from London

Watermelon Martini – Great Summer Cocktail Recipe


The Watermelon Martini is not a real martini, but is still known by this name. It is a fresh and delicious cocktail ideal for outdoor gatherings, especially on hot summer days. This nutrient-rich long drink only requires 4 ingredients and a few minutes of preparation. Not only is watermelon low in calories, it also contains a good amount of … Read more Watermelon Martini – Great Summer Cocktail Recipe

Strawberry Peach Gin Drink – Similar to Pornstar Martini


This drink is popular in the UK. Like the Pornstar Martini that combines passion fruit with vanilla, this cocktail mixes strawberries with peach liqueur and pineapple juice. It is served along with rose prosecco or champagne. Whether or not it scales the same heights as the Pornstar Martini or not, we leave that to you. … Read more Strawberry Peach Gin Drink – Similar to Pornstar Martini

Pornstar Martini – a Lip-smacking Recipe


The Porn Star Martini is the current shooting star in the cocktail world. It has developed from a novice to a real neo-classic in just under 15 years. The wonderfully tropical-fruity cocktail is growing enormously and is currently the most popular summer mixed drink worldwide. The combination of vodka, vanilla, lime and passion fruit always fits, especially … Read more Pornstar Martini – a Lip-smacking Recipe

How to Make a Passion Fruit Mojito

passion fruit mojito with passion fruit halves as garnish

If the classic Mojito cocktail is too tart for your taste, you can look forward to a fruity version. The passion fruit did it for us. Not only is this cocktail incredibly photogenic, it also tastes fantastic. With a dash of passion fruit juice, every drink becomes a tropical treat and one thinks directly of … Read more How to Make a Passion Fruit Mojito

Pineapple Mojito

pineapple mojitos on a bar top

We present you one of the main variants of the traditional Mojito. In this recipe we are going to prepare a pineapple Mojito, a very refreshing drink ideal for the summer season, especially for those family or friends gatherings so typical of those dates. We show you the step-by-step recipe to prepare this cocktail in … Read more Pineapple Mojito

Blackberry Mojito with Vodka

If you like to try new recipes for different types of Mojito, you will love this recipe. Blackberry Mojito is very tasty and refreshing. Below are the steps with the necessary ingredients to prepare this minty and tart drink. It will take you just a few minutes. Recipe Favorite Drinks: Like Gin Tonic? Try its … Read more Blackberry Mojito with Vodka

Raspberry Mojito

raspberry mojito

The Raspberry Mojito is a very berry take on the Cuban classic. The juice from raspberry adds exquisite flavor to this refreshing cocktail.  Perfect to enjoy on a summer afternoon on the terrace. Recipe Complex Cocktails: Take your rum cocktails to the next level. Try the Mai Tai for starters. Great Rums for Mojito If … Read more Raspberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito – Made the Right Way

strawberry mojitos carried on a tray

The Mojito is said to have had an extremely popular fan, writer Ernest Hemmingway! Did he already know this brilliant variant with strawberries? Strawberry Mojito can also be made suitable for children by leaving out the rum. Recipe Learn a Complex Cocktail: The Zombie Cocktail and its variations Great Rums for Mojito The staple white rum … Read more Strawberry Mojito – Made the Right Way

Blueberry and Rosemary Gin Sour

blueberry rosemary gin sour cocktail

Gin sour or the Gimlet is a well known drink that is hugely popular. As is common with successful cocktail recipes, several variations exist for this cocktail. Below we combine the savory Rosemary with the berry goodness of Blueberries. They work so well together that in our opinion this cocktail is better than the normal … Read more Blueberry and Rosemary Gin Sour