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Margarita Cocktail Recipe Perfected

margarita in a coupe

Who makes my heartbeat like thunder? Who makes my temperature rise? Of course you know it, Margarita-aaaaaaa! You’ve gotta believe it if Elvis Presley says it.  The Margarita is perhaps one of the most popular cocktails in the world. Americans consume almost 185,000 Margaritas per hour! A margarita is therefore not an insider tip for … Read more Margarita Cocktail Recipe Perfected

Dry Apple Martini – with Apple Cider Vinegar


Unlike the fruity Apple Martini, this drink resembles its namesake more closely. It is made with the same ingredients as the dirty Martini, with the extra apple cider vinegar. And it is not sweet as the Appletini. Imagine the savory dirty Martini with a smack of sour apples. That is how this cocktail tastes. It … Read more Dry Apple Martini – with Apple Cider Vinegar