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Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla


Colored gins with a focus on a special fruit are among the latest bar trends. With the Flor de Sevilla, the English gin brand Tanqueray focuses on Seville bitter orange. This Spanish tropical fruit has a long history with gin. Even the founder Charles Tanqueray used the characteristic bitter-sweet notes of bitter oranges in his original recipe from 1830.

The Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is surprisingly sweet in the tasting, with the orange notes defining the smell and taste of the gin. The complexity of the aromas remains manageable. With a cost of just under $37 / €30, the Tanqueray Sevilla seems a bit too high priced. If you are looking for a classic gin, the Tanqueray London Dry is a solid alternative with a better price-performance ratio.

What’s in Tanqueray Seville?

Tanqueray Seville gin is not your standard gin. It is a distilled gin that requires a minimum alcohol of 37.5% (which the Flor de Sevilla complies with 41.3% alcohol). When making distilled gin, the botanicals are usually macerated. Neutral alcohol may also be added afterwards, but this must be distilled again with the Botanicals.

The term London Dry is the most important quality feature for gin. With London Dry Gins, the juniper aroma should be in the foreground as with the normal Tanqueray London Dry. In addition, subsequent sweetening with sugar and the use of colorants are prohibited. Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla being a distilled gin is allowed certified colors and sweeteners.

Tasting Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla

What does it smell like?

On the first sniff, the Tanqueray Sevilla feels heavy in the nose. It is a mixture of bitter and sweet notes. Orange and lemon peel, tangerine and coriander set the tone. The gin smells sugary and in the background you can feel aromas of juniper and some black pepper. It almost smells like an Italian apertif.

How does it taste

The taste is pleasantly mild, but initially determined by the bitter orange. However, the dominance of the orange quickly fades away, giving way to juniper, lemon and a light almond whiff. The aromas of sweet brown sugar in combination with orange blossom strengthens the likeness of Tanqueray Seville to aperitif liqueur. Then coriander and cardamom push through and the herbal notes prevail in the finish. Overall, it feels more complex on the palate than on the nose.

Recommended cocktails for Tanqueray Seville


While Negroni is a perfect cocktail for Tanqueray London Dry gin or Tanqueray 10 lovers, we think that Tanqueray Seville combines beautifully with red vermouth and Campari in this cocktail, but with its own fruity notes. View Recipe

Gin Fizz

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is quite enjoyable in a fizzy version with lemon juice and soda. View recipe

Beefeater gin bottle and gin and tonic cocktail in a high glass with ice and lemon slice

Gin and Tonic

Use a dry tonic to ensure that the unique flavors of Seville gin come through uninhibited. Garnish with a slice of orange to further the aroma in this gin. You can find lots more about gin+tonic in this fantastic guide.

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