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Ti’ Punch

Preparation Time : 05 minutes Cooking Time : 00 minutes Total Time : 05 minutes 

The Ti’ Punch has so many distinct things about it. Firstly, it is the National drink of Martinique and is generally prepared from rhum agricole. It is an exquisite variation of such a popular cocktail. And above it all, this is one of the simplest cocktails to make!

The word Ti’ is short for the French word Petite. The name itself has Punch in it and it tastes no different, a pleasing little Punch on your palate. And a fun fact, in its place of origin, the drink is consumed like one big shot, all in one go!

The Rhum Agricole 

The Ti’ Punch comes from the Caribbean island of Martinique and uses rhum agricole as its base which itself is a Caribbean spirit. A good rhum agricole is really the secret to a great Ti’ Punch. The rhum agricole is distilled directly from pressed sugar cane and has an overall grassy and rich vegetal taste profile which makes up the character of this cocktail.


  • Rhum Agricole – 2 oz
  • A slice of lime
  • Martinique Cane syrup – 1 barpoon
  • Ice cubes


  1. Pour the rhum agricole and cane syrup in an old fashioned glass.
  2. Cut a slice of lime from the side of the fruit. Be careful that the slice has equal amounts of flesh and peel.
  3. Gently squeeze the lime from both sides, firstly the lime juice and then the oils from the peel and drop the lime slice into the drink. 
  4. Add crushed ice to the glass.
  5. Stir well to mix the ingredients and serve.


Here is a list of recommendations for the best rums for this cocktail. You can also check out our detailed list of recommendations from a variety of rums.

  • Rhum Barbancourt 5 star 8 Year ($29.99) is distilled from pure cane juice and aged for 8 years. This powerful, smooth rum offers a perfect balance of flavour and finish with its bold tones and complex flavours.
  • La Favorite Rhum Agricole Blanc ($35.74) comes from the island of Martinique. The rum offers enchanting notes on your palate. This one is smooth, fresh and sublime.
  • Neisson Eleve Sous Bois Agricole Rum ($51.99) is a superior quality rum from Neisson. Prepared with fresh sugar cane, eighteen months’ aging gives the rum a lush vanilla and oak component. This is a powerful and flavour rich spirit.
  • Neisson Reserve Speciale Rum ($74.99) is aged for 10 years in bourbon and whisky casks. The spirit carries a rich aroma of dark fruit and roasted nuts. The spicy, warm and lingering finish of the rum adds a premium quality to the cocktail.


  • The Ti’ Punch is a flexible recipe. Feel free to make changes as per your taste. You can try playing with the quantities of cane syrup and even try using raw cane sugar in the drink.
  • Be sure to use the lime properly. The lime juice adds that light soury profile to the taste while the oils from the peel take the aromatic experience of the cocktail to whole new levels.
  • You may choose to serve a Ti’ Punch without ice. This cocktail is also consumed at room temperature levels with no ice in it.
  • Experimenting with demerara syrup as the sweetener in this cocktail works wonders and can provide for interesting variations of this cocktail at  different occasions.

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