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Tito’s Vodka Price

The price of Tito’s Vodka is about $20 for a 750ml bottle. It is the No. 1 vodka brand from the USA. Tito’s vodka is made in Austin, Texas in small batches using the traditional pot-style process. It owes its exceptionally pure and mild taste to the best ingredients and the complex 6-fold distillation of the mash. If you notice the bottle of Tito’s Vodka, you will see that it says “Handmade Vodka”. This is due to the fact that a large part of the work to make this vodka is done entirely by hand.

Manufacturing Process

Good vodka, like Tito’s, is always a result of the excellent way in which it is made. For this purpose, Tito Beveridge uses a self-made old-fashioned pot still system (of which he now owns ten). This time-consuming distillation in old pot stills is otherwise only used for high-quality whiskey or French cognac. However, it is proven among connoisseurs that this method guarantees an excellent taste. Additionally, Tito uses a sixfold distillation in which the leading and trailing parts from the alcohol are removed six times. This means a large loss in quantity, but an enormous increase in quality. Therefore it is not a surprise that Tito’s vodka is of remarkable purity that is great to drink neat.

Instead of the usual potatoes or wheat, Tito uses maize for his vodka, which gives it a mild and sweeter finish than is normally the case. Clear and pure, as high-quality vodka has to be, Tito’s Vodka is also ideal for a delicious cocktail.

And if you soon get on a United Airlines plane, you will be happy to find that Tito’s Vodka is the exclusive vodka liquor that is served on UA flights. 

Tito’s Vodka story

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is produced in the first legal distillery in Texas. And it bears the name of its master distiller, Tito Beveridge. Tito did not learn his craft from the bottom up like most other distillers but got into the profession with the aim of creating a vodka that, thanks to its high quality and mildness, could be enjoyed pure.

The way there was not easy. Tito had actually studied geology and had most recently worked in the mortgage industry before deciding to get into the vodka business and distinguish himself by higher quality compared to his competitors without demanding high-end prices for a high-end product.

Initially, neither banks nor vendors wanted to rely on vodka made by the former geologist, but Tito persevered. And his efforts were rewarded soon. With his invitation to participate in the World Spirits Competition in 2001, he not only took part in this award ceremony, which was so important for the spirits world but also prevailed against 72 other vodkas and won double gold. This not only earned Tito’s Vodka international recognition but also a larger circle of friends. Further awards followed and paid tribute to him in the years that followed.

Vodka for Dog People

Tito’s commitment to animal welfare is also exceptional. When he bought the company premises, there were some wild dogs on it that quickly became friends while he worked tirelessly to set up his company and literally slept next to the cauldron. Thanks to his great love of animals, Tito still supports animal protection in many different ways. In the USA, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is also known as the vodka “for dog people” and is represented with campaigns for animal protection in many restaurants, at festivals, trade fairs, and events and is loved by the large dog owner community for this.

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