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Whitley Neill gin with cocktail on a bar

Whitley Neill Gin Review, Price and Cocktail Recipes

Whitley Neill London Dry Gin is one of the very few gins inspired by African flavors. The aromas are composed of two carefully selected African plants: the baobab and the cape gooseberry. These characteristic wild fruits fill this gin with vitality and energy that distinguish it from others and bring new momentum to the tradition of gin production.

The Whitley Neill gin has been on the market since 2005. It is produced in small batches in the industrial center of Birmingham. This gin has won numerous prizes and awards for internationally at renowned competitions.

In 2014 Whitley Neill won gold medal at the famous San Francisco Spirits Competition. The British news agency “The Telegraph Online” then called the gin one of the five best in the world.

Behind the African-inspired dry gin is a fifth generation family business in England run by Johnny Neill. The Greenall-Whitley distillery is said to date back to 1762, according to official company information.

Botanicals in Whitley Neill Gin

Whitley Neill’s recipe comprises of nine botanicals led by the exotic key ingredients baobab and physalis, also known as cape gooseberry or Andean berry. The remaining 7 are the more traditional ones such as juniper berries, coriander seeds, lemon and orange peels, cinnamon cassia, iris root and angelica root.

In traditional African folk medicine, the leaves, fruits and seeds of the baobab tree are said to have healing properties for diseases and infections such as smallpox, malaria, measles, dysentery, diarrhea, colic, heart problems and toothache. The physalis is rich in vitamin C, in turn, is used in South America and South Africa to treat asthmatic complaints, general inflammation and mild abdominal pain in children.

You can read more about gin botanicals in our dedicated post.

Tasting Review

Whitley Neill gin has a distinctly fruity and floral aroma. Citrus combines with juniper and slight peppery notes to form a complex and slightly spicy fragrance.

It tastes slightly earthy on the palate and is quite mild. The initial floral notes evolve into the touch of spice as in its smell.

The finish is surprisingly pronounced, but light and very long, and strongly reminiscent of sweet lemon. Subtle hints of vanilla and the earthiness continue to linger.

Overall, the Whitley Neill gin is worth it because its spicy aroma differs significantly from other gins.

Suitable Tonic Water

Whitley Neill is a spicy gin with African influences and light pepper notes. The pepper notes make up the aroma of the gin. Therefore a neutral tonic water fits this gin perfectly. More intense tonic waters work as well with this Gin. So do lightly spiced tonics like Gents or Fever Tree Mediterranean, as they support the spice in the gin. Floral tonics, on the other hand, do not pair well with Whitley Neill an should not be mixed with it.

Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water
Rating: 4/5

A gin & tonic as it should be. The spicy aromas of the gin come through perfectly, the fever tree tonic supports the gin with elegant citrus notes.

Gents Swiss Roots Tonic Water
Rating: 5/5

Gents tonic is an ideal choice to make a G&T with Whitley Neill gin. Gentian and spicy notes support the aroma composition in the gin. Bitter notes no longer play a role in this combination. So if you are looking for these flavors, a different tonic water is recommended.

Thomas Henry Tonic Water
Rating: 5/5

This combination is for the fans of a classic gin & tonic. Note that fine citrus flavors and the peculiarities of gin get through in this drink which makes it a great combination.

Cocktails with Whitley Neill Gin

Gin Basil Smash
Rating: 5/5
The Whitley Neill Gin gives the Gin Basil Smash a certain something that makes this combo a must-try. This difficult to explain taste comes out especially in the finish due to the earthy aroma and the subtle spice in the gin.
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Gin Buck
Rating: 4/5
The ginger in the gin buck cocktail combines perfectly with the flavors of the Whitley Neill Gin. So much so that the gin producer also recommends adding ginger to the gin and tonic made with Whitley Neill gin. The pepper notes in the finish add further highlights to the gin buck.
>> Gin Buck recipe

Gin Fizz
Rating: 4/5

The Whitley Neill gin is perfect in the gin fizz. The aroma and liveliness of the cocktail beautifully captured by this gin. Towards the finish, the gin plays out its spicy notes and gives the cocktail its own highlights.
>> Gin Fizz recipe

Red Snapper
rating: 3/5

Gin and tomato juice are the two main ingredients of the drink. Based on a Bloody Mary. Although the cocktail tastes good, the spicy aromas of Whitley Neill gin are unfortunately lost in the drink.

Whitley Neil Gin Variety

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

In addition to the essential baobab fruit, the Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger Handcrafted Dry Gin contains an extract from rhubarb and real, fresh ginger. In its taste, the earthiness and spice from Whitley Neill English dry gin is preserved. The rhubarb flavor is quite artificial, and there is sweetness akin to strawberries an cream. However, the ginger provides a fantastic spicy and warm note.

Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin

The tasty Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin has been a hit. It is a summer gin with very balanced Mediterranean notes. There is the citrus aroma of Sicilian blood oranges. The light citrus notes are in the foreground, but are not too dominant. Then there is an intense sweetness and a hint of orange zest in the background. In 2018, the Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin won the silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin

The Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin is a lively gin with the aroma and taste of fresh raspberries from the fields of Scotland. It is a perfectly balanced gin with a delicate, fruity flavor and a persistent citrus, raspberry taste. If you like gin and tonics, you should definitely try it in combination with a good tonic water.

Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin

With this gin, Whitley Neill’s flavor experts ventured into the Italian floral world, where Parma violets are a common sight. The gin tastes only slightly floral, because it lets the classic gin flavors take precedence. It gets its fantastic violet color from a violet flower extract that the distillery purchases especially for this gin from the Parma region in Italy.

Whitley Neill Gin Price

Gin namePrice in USAPrice in UKPrice in Europe
Whitley Neill London Dry Gin 70cl$21 to $40£22 to £31€18 to €23
Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 70cl$22 to $44£22 to £32€19 to €25
Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin 70cl$22 to $44£22 to £32€19 to €25
Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin 70cl$22 to $44£22 to £32€19 to €25
Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin 70cl$22 to $44£22 to £32€20 to €28

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